Thursday, August 2, 2012

Say What?

6:29 pm (sok)

It came to my attendance that theres a lot of user friendly in the nearbys. Connect me if im wrong... why do they needful of that? can they not use themselves to be useful not to ask others help?

Open Chimes, someone will textmate you and they will asking you ouch, you will say yeast and go out for dating.. after all the airports and all, he will lives you alone. you will cried buckles of tears.

suddenly a blessing in the sky will comes. you will meat a friend... a friend that can swallow the fried just for you. then you will realization that when it rains it four because that friend stay with you not only for good times as a mother of fact for bad times as swell..They will not feel that they are brother by you. And yeast, this is true good to be true, everything swell to pieces.

treasured dose friend that comes and appreciate you.. ok? that is final.. there you ghost..

- It's my opinion... so? -

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