Thursday, June 19, 2014

mystic Sunday

Check-up Time: 4:02pm

Since I don't want to be stuck in too much negativity, let me tell you about a happy a adventure I had.

Since the "gang" and I are planning to go to Mangalawa Island next month (instead of Anawangin-Capones-Nagsasa), we are now preparing the things that we will be needing for that day.

Last Sunday, Basha and I went to MOA to buy our rash guards.  We may be a little late in buying them but what the heck! We got them in colors that we wanted for a lesser price. Throw in the SPF 50 protection as bonus and we were able to cross out one item in our bucket list.

Next stop was Mystic Brew in BF Resort, Las Piñas. We boarded a van and alighted Casimiro to take the trike going to our destination.  It was Axl who got me curious about the said café so I grabbed one of my frequent travel buddy, not to mention the most gorgeous.  O ayan ha, quota ka na, Basha! (pinilit nya ako isulat yan).

dito na kami ☺
 Mystic Brew is highly recommended for people who want to experience freedom from the hustle and bustle of the city.  This Harry Potter inspired nook has amazing ambiance, cozy seats and an out of this world menu delectable enough for you to forget your name. Basha called me “Tim Yap”, believe it or not! Hahahaha!

playing around
having crazy photos in their cozy rest room..
picture first before eating...
Bash and her Pasta Pronto and Mystic Brew
Hmmmmm what potion to take? lolz
Dahil payat ako sa pic na ito, I used it as my DP in FB... this is what you called "Angulo" lolz
Chulapa-cabra is a tongue twister in its truest sense. The name though is not as complicated as the dish itself. Plainly put, its taco with chips on the side. Less oily but with more oomph! because of the presentation. Lakas maka-alta!

Left: Chulapa-cabra Right: Pasta Pronto
The Pasta al Pronto is a tangy, ala-Oglio meal that Basha found “just okay”. She would have appreciated it with less lemony taste and more serving. The bread that comes with it is a must try.

Left: Chili-mint Coffee Right: Butter Brew
I found the chili-mint coffee difficult to drink because of the spicy kick that it gave after taste. I felt that my whole world stopped when I took my first sip. While biting her lip, Basha was polite enough not to laugh at me as was FORCED (strong word!) to shove her Butter Brew down my throat.  

My taste buds were telling me that we should not leave Mystic Brew without trying Matabarak but it seems that the odds are not in our favor. It was not available for that day so we opted to explore Cerealicious instead. It is within the vicinity so we took another trike ride to fulfill our gastronomic pleasures.

I need not say more why I consider Cerealicious as the place to be for fiber lovers.

It was a sign from heaven that made us decide that it is time to go back to our humble abodes by past 9 pm. I must say, the SIZZLE is all worth the DRIZZLE.

 Be funny, so everyone is happy... Have a PsychoRix day!!!!


  1. Now you're back to your old self ... at least mas mainam damdamin ang vibes kapag ganito ka-positive , smile always : )

  2. Wow! With all those food, I'm sure I can't afford them. Cool CR though.

  3. *sabay suot ng eye glasses at labas ng magic wand*

    *Expecto Patrornum!!!*

    *evil grin*

    Iniimagine kong parang Butter Beer ng Harry Potter ung Butter Brew nila jan XD

    1. Expelliarmus!!!

      lolz! hmmm medyo.. at least di nakakalasing..

  4. panalo ang butter brew nila di ba hahahah...

  5. More na more pa of this foodventures please. The best thing about these trips is the laughter. Best served when shared :D

  6. Curious ako dun sa Butter Brew! Is that inspired sa Butter Beer ng Wizarding World? Anong lasa?


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